Our attractions

Fun & relaxation in the middle of the beautiful nature

Around the Forsthaus Isenach

We understand something about nature-based recreation. Around our beautiful forester’s lodge we offer our guests various experiences in and around the Isenach lake with natural hiking and biking trails or even our rustic rowing boats. There is also a large adventure playground for the whole family. For an attractive rest we offer freshly prepared delicacies from our kitchen.

Come by, it is guaranteed worth a trip!

Our bike trails

The area is ideal for cycling tours of any kind and for all ages. For small lunchtime rounds or hour-long bike tours through the Palatinate Forest. The trails are designed with a wide variety of requirements.

Our boat rentals

Enjoy a few relaxing laps on Lake Isenach and row it in your own little rowboat. Safety is a priority, life jackets are available for all sizes of children.

Our hiking and horse riding trails

The Eiswoog-Isenach Weiher riding and hiking trail stretches over 25 km through the Palatinate forest landscape. With a duration of up to 5 hours and about 500 meters of altitude, it is perfectly suited for a tour with the horses. At registration, each horse is provided with a filled water bucket and a vitamin snack.

The playground

The large adventure playground brings children fully at their expense and impresses even the parents. The small adventure world is directly adjacent to our beer garden, so you can always keep an eye on their little explorers.

The Isenach Weiher

Probably one of the oldest and in our eyes most beautiful dams in Germany. Let yourself be impressed by the meter wide depth to the bottom of the animal and biodiversity of the lake.

Hiking trails around Bad Dürkheim and the Forsthaus Isenach

Around Bad Dürkheim and our Forsthaus Isenach there are a variety of hikes.

Discover and enjoy the secret paths through the Palatinate forests. Hikes for young and old, something for every hiker.

The routes below are hiking possibilities with the start or end point Forsthaus Isenach. All further information must be obtained via self-knowledge.

  • Alte Schmelz 4,1 km
  • Am Wolfental 1,9 km
  • Eiswoog 9,2 km
  • Grenzstein Königstuhl 2,2 km
  • Hertlingshausen 5,0 km
  • Höningen 7,0 km
  • Isenachweiher-Runde 1,3 km
  • Lambertskreuz 9,2 km
  • Rahnenhof 5,2 km
  • Ramsen 12,9 km
  • Saupferch 3,4 km
  • Waldhaus Kirschtal 1,0 km
  • Weidenthal 7,6 km
  • Weisenheim 14,4 km
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